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Re: Urq'd at Hella US

In message <961213114524_1455853925@emout14.mail.aol.com> PDQSHIP@aol.com writes:
>  Just contacted the importer of the Hella US today about "smoked"
>  taillite assbly for the new toy (84 Ur-q, Tornado)....    He
>  claimed he hasn't been able to get them here, but that it was a
>  factory option in europe....    Is this true?

Yup.  The left (855 945 217) and right (855 945 218) tail lights
acquired a "B" suffix and the designation "BLACK" after B-85-F-900001.
This part is also called for the Sport quattro.  After C-85-G-900001
the suffix is "C".  What the difference is - I have no idea.  The bulb
holders (855 945 221 and 855 945 222) both acquired an "A" suffix
with the first change.

The bulbs changed, too, from 017 718 5 to 017 738 5.  I think the
"black" bulbs are double filament.

>  Also, I seem to remember (going back some years here) the one I
>  saw had a different center panel, smoked to match the lenses.
>  ?  Can you get these puppies on your side of the pond?

The centre panel doesn't seem to change.  In any case, only RHD is
available within the UK.

>  Do both tail lenses have fog receptacles, or is that a one order
>  for lefties, another for righties?

It's in the centre panel, and is LHD/RHD sensitive.

>  Are Bentleys available for the cars where you are? (no longer in
>  print here)....

Never were in print here.  I use original Audi workshop microfiche.

 Phil Payne

 (phil@sievers.com, despite what the bounces say.  If I don't
  reply, your message is probably still stuck on a Demon punt.)

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