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Re: 4000csQ Hard starting problem when warm...

> From: pollock@tarkin.ENET.dec.com
> Date: Thu, 19 Dec 96 15:40:00 EST
> Subject: 4000csQ Hard starting problem when warm...
> Lately I've started having a starting (I know, I know) prblem with my 4k.
> When the engine is cold, like first thing in the morning, the thing starts
> right up, like almost with a full rev on the starter and runs perfect, smooth
> etc etcs... However, after it's been driven a while, if I shut it down and 
> attempt a re-start it truns and turns and turns but doesn't catch. If I keep
> doing the turn key, no catch, turn key, no catch, turn key, no catch, turn
> key, CATCH !  Eventually it will start but latley it's been no catch-ing
> more than CATCH.  In all honesty I haven't even gotten around looking at
> anyting yet but I'm curious if anyone out there has any words of wisdom in
> regards to where to look first ???


I've been having the same problem with my '84 4000S.  I did discover that if
I tap on the fuel distributor it would then start.  I suspected a sticky
metering plunger.  It only got into that "no-catch" mode once in a while, and
it hasn't happened lately.  I recently had my noisy fuel pump replaced (it
lasted 450,000 miles) and haven't had hot start problems since then.  I can't
really say that the new fuel pump has fixed the problem, but I can say that my
fuel pump had been noisy through the two year period when I was having hot
start problems like this.   Plan on a $350-$500 bill for pump replacement,
depending on how much they rip you off for the pump.

Ed Skladany