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Re: $185 oil change

At 08:19 PM 4/29/97 -0400, Elliott Potter wrote:
>I took my 93 90CS in for a routine oil change, and was told that it was
>leaking oil from a number of places, and some of it had gotten on the
>timing belt.  3 days later, I went to pick it up.  Total cost: $185.90.

Wow! So where is this place? When I asked my local dealer about
changing the timing belt (as I near 60k) they quoted ~$800, parts
and labor...

Replacing the water pump and tensioners was the "right" thing to
do. The pump does last longer, but since its driven by the timing
belt, it makes sense to replace it while you're in there; besides,
if it failed, it would take the timing belt with it, and you'd have
a really big bill. Same goes for the tensioners; on the V6s, these
things seem to give out after a while, and can also shred the timing

1993 90CS (I'll be doin' that timing belt myself, thank you very much)