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More details on H2O pump(and misc.)

Dupree, Robert A. wrote:
> ...here is the list of my most expensive Audi week ever:

> 3) New Valve Cover Gasket

> 5) Cam Advance

	Are the rubber valve cover gaskets relatively new to the Audi market? I
took my cover off and the gasket that was already on there was rubber. I
have extensive records of the work done to my Coupe, but because of the
rubber gasket(and a good-looking timing belt), I now believe there is a
gap in my records. After going thru my receipts and records, I thought
my timing belt had never been done, BUT the one on the engine looks
relatively new after 169K miles?!! Can that be? My H2O pump needed to be
replaced regardless, so I am not tearing my Coupe apart for nothin'.
However, I want to do more than just the water pump while I have
everything off, so I will replace the gasket and belt just for
precaution. My questions:

1)Again, how new to the Audi market are the rubber valve cover gaskets?
2)I assume the H2O pumps come with the seal/gasket, correct, but what
about applying any sealant or other material?
3)What are the rough costs of a)timing belt, b)valve cover gasket, and
c)water pump?  (I have rough ideas of ~$10, 15, and 35 respectively.)
4)In removing the crankcase breather hose(?) or pipe(?), I, or quite
possibly age, ripped the small piece of hose attaching the pipe to the
block. Is that a special type of hose, or can I take the ripped portion
to an automotive store and ask for an equivilant?
5)What is the best type of paint(Alpine white) to use on my bumper(a
rough surface) now that it is removed and can easily be spray painted in
the backyard? I have several large battle scars where the paint has
flaked off due to excessive bending of or impact to the bumper and would
like to re-paint.

	What is the possibility of advancing my cam? I see Robert Dupree did it
while he performed many of the same changes I am doing now. Can I
advance my cam? What does cam advancing do to a N/A I-5 engine, anything
worth-while, or something damaging? Can I myself, a shmuck, do it or
does it require something special(tools, parts)?

					A very grateful	Allan....