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Re: AC Compressor: Sanden source

At 08:54 AM 7/9/97 -0500, you wrote:
>Good news and bad news....
>Well my AC compressor is leaking too. The good news is that Audi used the
>same Nippon Denso AC Compressor from about 1986 through 1991 on many
>models. The bad news is that it has always cost about $650 new.

If its the manifold, you're really screwed - it costs 350.00 and DOES NOT
come with a rebuilt or new 10P17C, and cannot be rebuilt.

>Hear are your options I have learned of:

>3. Have yours rebuilt -- I think this would be relatively inexpensive if
>you could find some one to do it. I've been told to look in the yellow
>pages under AC or automotive rebuilders. The seals inside the unit die and
>need to be replaced. This would mean that you would need to dive into your
>car and pull the unit your self though. AC would kind off spooks me.

The place I deal with here rebuilds for about 100.00, and sells off the
shelf rebuilds for 140.00...

Other option:
Sanden rotary - 600.00 - more output pressure, more efficient (much less
drag), must fit yourself and have at least one hose custom made at 50.00...

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