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Electronic Diff Locking and Mercedes M-class

I'm sure I'm not alone here - I received a specially packaged
Road & Track 'advertising supplement' in the mail yesterday
about the new Mercedes M-class SUV.  In it was an article
describing the the off-road capabilities of the vehicle based
on its version of EDL - which sounds just like that on the
latest Quattro IV system on our beloved Audis.

If you received this mailing I hearitly recommend you read
the article.  It gives a very good explanation of how that type
of system works, and the benefits of same.  Far better than
the - well, pretty much non-existant - Audi documentation.
I had been wondering if the EDL on my A4Q would be a step
backward from good-ol' manual locking diffs.  Now I'm (more)
convinced otherwise.

-Mark Quinn