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Re: Sunroof Parts

Merlyn Plotz wrote:
> Well, it is starting to act like summer in Minnesota again. Young son
> decided it is time to fix the sunroof (never has worked since he got
> the car) My analysis is that it has some gear problems in the
> gearhead of the electric motor. Also, there may be excessive wear of
> the gear that meshes with the spiral wire on the "marvel of
> engineering" cable - can't tell yet. I'm looking for repair parts. My
> local mechanic/junkyard person tells me that he does not bother to
> save them (motor assembly) since 9 times out of 10 they are bad. His
> advise - try to get it sealed up and don't screw with it - to
> expensive, etc. Is this true? Is it this difficult to deal with? How
> about repair parts - are gears available or does one buy a complete
> assembly? Anyone out there have one for sale from a parted-out car?
> His car is a 4KCSQ - It looks as if the 5000's use the same assembly -
> True?
> Merlyn
   You might try Commercial Auto Parts up Anoka way for your sunroof
part.  I have scrounged some 5000 parts there and have been satisfied. 
They let you remove parts yourself--don't let anything fall on you--cars
are piled up helter skelter.  Good luck.
Bob Ringlien 85 5kt, 89 200t