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Heads up on MC cap

Good evening. . .
Here's a heads-up for the cap on brake master cylinder - 89 100 nonQ
(don't know if it applies to other MCs and don't have MC PN)

Checking fluid levels today, I noticed the MC fluid level was at
mid-level and a small bit of black crud around the filler cap.  When
removing the cap, which unscrewed way to easy, I found a split around
the cap's circumference which was apparently wide enough to allow fluid
out and God knows what in.  How did this happen you ask?  I'm rounding
up the usual suspects at previously visited gas stations who ask, 
"check under the hood, sir".

This gets better.  My cap's part # is :  893-611-351.  It has no sending
unit (that's on the side of the fluid bowl on my MC), but does have a
plastic shaft in the center of the cap that, when screwed down pushes on
a plastic filter at the bottom of the pour neck in the MC.  

When I inquired about "my" part #, the local dealer said, according to
the Audi computer, it's been replaced with PN: 893-611-349 @ $6.00 and
it's in stock.  BUT THAT'S WRONG! (found this out after driving to
dealer).  The "replacement" cap has no shaft and won't screw on the
mouth of the bowl.  A further check of the computer found "my" PN at,
are you ready, $17.50; in stock?  No way. It  arrives on Tuesday's

Whether or not the shaft makes a difference is a concept I'm not going
to touch.  The car has 893-611-351, that's what it's going to get.

So with duct tape repairing the split, I relish the thought of flushing
the brake system next week (considering the brake bleeding thread this
week). Gee, should I do that before or after changing wheel bearings?

Watch out for the idiots this Labor Day weekend.
MJ Murphy
89 100
86 Jeep G. Wagoneer (aka, weapon of opportunity).

P.S.  NY State lotto is 25mil this Saturday, that's 357 A8s', well...
221.4 after taxes.