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Few nice Audi FS - UK

Iver Village cars have a fair selection of possibilities on offer this week;

95 RS2 Avant, ragusa green, alcantra  34,995UKP
94 S2 Coupe, white, 6-speed 24,995UKP
95 S6 Saloon (sedan) emerald green 22,995UKP
95 S6 Avant ming blue, 6-speed 20,996UKP
95 S6 Avant ming blue, 7 seats 19,995UKP
93 S2 Avant, emerald, walnut 16,995UKP
93 S2 Coupe, silver 19,995UKP
91 S2 Coupe, emerald 15,995UKP
90 UR Quattro, pearl, leather, 32k miles  19,995UKP
89 UR Quattro 20V, white  12,995UKP
88 UR Quattro 10V, white 10,995UKP

all right hand drive

plus loads of other coupes etc etc

Dunno 'bout you lot, but I'm dribbling and I've got a nice S4 Avant :-)

Their number is (+44) 1753 650909
Malcolm White  Templeogue, Dublin 6W, Eire         Tel: (353) 87 432200
malcolm@white.ie / rides@balloons.ie     http://www.ftech.net/~balloons