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Re: GL-5 gear lube in 200q transmission

Ed Kellock wrote:

> Heading out today to buy some Redline MT-90 and was reviewing the
> archives to make sure that's what I should use.  (It is.)  However,
> their were several comments about the use of GL-5 in the transmission:
> not reccomended, bad for synchros, "will damage synchros", etc.
> Unfortunately, I have had Mobil 1 synthetic (which is GL-5) in the trans
> for about 20k miles.  It was first added by the Audi dealer up in
> LaCrosse, WI and I flushed it with the same a while back.  Many of the
> 20k miles in question were highway miles (IA to L.A. to SC and Pike's
> Peak, etc)  so the amount of shifting per mile is low, but I wonder how
> much damage I have wreaked, if any?  I have experienced grinding on the
> 1-2 shift about a half dozen times, maybe 10 times, when driving in a
> spirited manner.  Based on the information in the archives, this seems
> to be a product of the GL-5  not up to the task.
> Any dire predictions out there?  I will be changing the fluid tonight.
> Anyone suppose I would have any recourse with the Audi dealer which
> added non-spec fluid?
> Ed Kellock ................. Greenville, SC  USA
> 91 200qw .................... 87 Coupe GT

 Now this will make you feel good. Mobil says don't use that oil in a GL-4
I'd say call that dealer and make them give you a fillup with the G50
synthetic from Audi
for free or give you a free rebuild. Make him sweat. ;-)

1990 CQ