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bomb recharge procedure???

In message <Pine.LNX.3.95.971126221235.16770A-100000@oak.eainet.com> Chris Maresca writes:

> > You're _SUPPOSED_ to drill into the bomb before disposing of it.
> I'm no expert, but drilling it seems pretty nuts.  A better way to dispose
> of it would be to puncture the diaphragm, which, of course, would make
> recharging impossible.  Still, as I said, $250 hardly seems worth all the
> trouble, unless you're going to make a business out of it.

     "Vor dem Veschrotten mit Bohrer ca. 3mm [diameter] an der
      gasbefuellten Seite anbohren.  Dazu Schutzbrille tragen."

This note is on the exploded diagram in 'Fahrwerk Allradantrieb 07/87".

It only seems to apply to the later type of pressure accumulator, i.e.,
not the dome type fitted to early ur-quattros.

As to why - imagine one of these things winding up in a small recycling
plant with an open furnace.  Don't forget the valve is still in there
on this design - so even if heat ruptures the diaphragm it will still
retain an (ever increasing) internal pressure.  That isn't so for the
earlier type - lose the diaphragm and you've lost everything.

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