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Portable CO meter

In message <> Tony Lum writes:

> Phil, this may be rather extreme and requires modification of your exhaust
> system. I read a article in EC mag about how Techtonics Tuning designed a
> fuel enrichment device triggered by the WOT and temp sensor.  They were
> able to measure fuel mixture by way of a "high" speed OXY sensor.  I
> realize that your engine doesn't have one, but have you considered adding
> one?  I read its quite easy to obtain the fitment, cut a hole in your
> exhaust pipe, weld in the mount, and screw in the sensor.  You can use the
> 3 wire kind to make sure it warms up fast.  Now with this sensor in place,
> you can hook up all types of instrumentation.  How about a laptop with a
> A-D coverter pcmcard and chart the output voltage vrs rpm etc, etc.

Thought about that.

As it happens, I have a redundant (but reliable and well-built) AST
Premium PowerExec 386SX25 laptop with two PCMCIA slots.

I've looked at a number of packages.  Farnell do an attractive one -
an 11-channel A/D converter that plugs into the parallel port and
uses cheap, nasty and probably very efficient DOS software.

Experimentation is suspended while I get the car through its annual
inspection.  It needs a new centre exhaust section, so I'm putting in
a piece of cheap crap (rather than the real Audi part) so I can do
some cutting and banging after the inspection is passed without
damaging anything expensive.  But one reason for the 'portability'
requirement is that I want to make measurements on a reasonable sample
of cars - not just my own.

 Phil Payne
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