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Re: MARYLAND DRIVERS: Be Aware (no Audi content)

Actually, it's worse (and better) than you thought. Since 1943 anybody
could walk into an MVA office, pay $5 and get your records.  The new law
passed in September allows you to block that access.  Check this out:



PS: My records are closed :-)

Nicholas C. Craft wrote:
> Thanks for the heads-up, Mark. My wife and I are currently relocating from
> NJ to MD. We have had a similar situation in NJ for the last year or two,
> and I was hoping I was moving to a state where governmental idiocy was not
> quite as rampant as it is here. Evidently I was wrong...
> Cheers,
> Nick Craft
> -----Original Message-----
> If you live in Maryland or have any friends that do, you/they should take
> CAREFUL NOTE of this.
> There is a new law now in effect in Maryland (possibly other states?)
> ...where ANYONE can pay $2.00 at the MVA and get all the available
> information on you based on your car tag number.  The MVA is selling this
> info. for profit to private interests and for commercial mailings.  In
> order to block your info (address, DOB, etc.) from being provided call
> 1-888-682-3772 (toll free number) you will be required to enter your
> Drivers License Number, Date of Birth & Social Security Number via a
> touch tone phone (or, presumably, verbally via an operator).  You can
> select to remove your info from Private access and/or Commercial access.