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Re: Warped discs

> Delving deeper, I was told that this has become an industry wide problem,
> with the move away from asbestos pads, to ones which don't dissapate the
> heat correctly (A&M Cars, Ilminster). Unfortunately for me, I don't have
> the receipt for the discs, dealer supplied, and cannot therefore seek some
> form of compensation.

So the asbestos ones  are better then? I'd also like to know which
compounds work best.

My entire rear section of my car will dip from side to side when
applying the hand brake to check the rear brakes. This dipping also
results in major shaking and jumping when I brake. This morning
the effects could be felt clearly at the front of the car. I was
at a junction and the vechile was creeping slowly forward at idle
with me applying minimal brake pressure, the front left could be seen
and felt dipping up and down.

About 2 months back  I took the car in to have this problem  seen to.
The guy who looked at the car and who was going to skim the discs
called me back and told me that they're 6mm thick instead of 9mm so
there is no way I can skim them more.

I now need to fit new rotors all the way round. This won't happen
soon as I have other things I need to take car of right now with 
this car (see other posts). But a major brake system overhaul is
going to happen when I can get some money, my bomb is failing and the
braking is real soft and warped rotors are not helping. Oh yes, ABS
is off as well.

I therefore would like to know more about this thing with asbestos
pads. Are there other compounds that work better?

As for rotors,  anyone running AC rotors and calipers? I see AC make
4 or 6 pot calipers, but they're huge. They seem to require wheels
starting at 16 inch or up. If the rotors must go then I might as well
upgrade the calipers, so which ones are recommended?

Once again, I'd also like to hear more about this asbestos pad
story. I mean, no point in fitting new (expensive, ie. anything over
1 buck for me) rotors and fit funky non-asbestos pads only to discover
a few hundred miles later, like Tim's story, that the rotors are
warped again thanks to the pads.

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