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Warped discs

Dear Q,

I am a very new member of this list, and have very much enjoyed reading all
the discussions, relevant or not. Until now I haven't had much to
contribute, but this might interest/alarm some readers.

Having recently had to put my Audi through its first MOT, or at least first
for me, I expected the usual failures, all trivial, but no, mine failed on
warped front discs, which are exactly a year old, (replaced at last MOT).
Believing this to be the last thing that might fail, I was disappointed to
say the least.

Delving deeper, I was told that this has become an industry wide problem,
with the move away from asbestos pads, to ones which don't dissapate the
heat correctly (A&M Cars, Ilminster). Unfortunately for me, I don't have
the receipt for the discs, dealer supplied, and cannot therefore seek some
form of compensation.

I'd be very interested to hear from any other readers who've had the same
problem, and whether the discs, which are hardly worn, can be re-ground, to
salvage some usefulness for the future.


Tim Morgan - 1990, 90 Quattro Sport 20V