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Wheels for '87 4kcsq

Well, among other upgrades, which include suspension and stereo (which is
now almost done .. still missing some low-end thump -- did someone say
"sub"), I would love to get some wheels.

Found some Borbet 15x7 Type C wheels in good condition and good price.
I've searched the archives, and it seems that the 87 4kcsq has a 4-bolt
108mm pattern, right (prolly not)?

quoting Ti Kan:
All 4000 sedans have 4-bolt wheels.  The early cars have 100mm bolt circle
whereas the later ones 108mm.  The Fuchs wheels that were optional on
the Urquattro and 5KTQ come only in the 5x112mm pattern, so they won't
fit 4000s.  If you want bigger wheels for the 4000 you would have to go
after-market.  I was lucky to buy a set of 15 inch Ronal R8 wheels in
4-bolt form when they were still available.  These are the same design as
the factory wheels (used in various forms on the Urquattro, 80-83 5KT,
1984 4Kq and coupe GT, 1985-87 4K, 4Kq and coupe GT, and some 5KCS
non-turbo models). But the R8 has long been discontinued...
-- end quote

What Ti seems to be saying is that on my 87 4kq, I've got 15" Ronals.  It
is true that I have the stock white wheels, I didn't think they were 15".

Anyways, I'm getting a bit confused.  What wheels do I have (didn't
measure them, I know, my bad), and can I get those Borbet 15x7s?

Thanks so much,

                    [PGP] finger mchang@ece.nwu.edu