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Re: Low clutch pedal


> May have some good news for you.
> Check out the pivot point for the pedal at the "clevis pin".  I was
> thinking the same thoughts re: master cyl, but turned out to only
> require some "repair" to this hole, which was elongated.
> Need only figure out some kind of spacer to put in the elongated hole,
> then reassemble.  HUGE DIFFERENCE!!

I'll check it out. That might just be it. When I brought it in for service a
little while ago, the tech told me that the clevis pin was "trashed" (i.e. no
good), and he took it out, and managed to put in a small bolt to hold it. It
did make a big difference. Hmm... maybe it does just need a washer or two.
Hopefully... I like simple fixes!!

Thanks. Much appreciated.

                             Jim Griffin
                          Maryland, USA
    "Perception is often stronger than reality!"
                        '92 Audi 100S
                   '87 VW Quantum Syncro