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Re: fault codes

>I don't have (or desire) the Bentleys, but I'm surprised they've split
>the codes up.  In the ur-quattro documentation, they're grouped
>together in the ignition section (on the engine fiche).
>The electrical fiche covers the idle stabiliser and its tests, the
>digital dashboard and the odd bits and pieces.
>I always though Bentley was a direct translation of the microfiche.  I
>know the electrical manual leaves a lot to be desired because it
>doesn't mimic the way the factory mix'n'match diagrams work.

Not desiring the Bentleys, and obviously having the microfiche, you must
know at least both.

It seemes to me, judging from this list, that the Bentley is describing
various ways to test sensors, pull codes and stuff, ie. "Q-bible".
You indicate that there isn't anything in the Bentleys you couldn't find on
the fiche.

Various posts on this list (and searching book store web-sites) indicates to
me that the Bentleys only covers US versions of the Quattros. (5k and not
200 etc.)
Therefore i am not sure what manual to buy. I do not want to buy the
ultimate handbook for another model.
Incorrect documentation is a lot worse than no documentation.

What does Q-owners in UK use ? I suppose that the European 200 version is
sold in UK.

Do you know if the fiche is available on CD-ROM ?

Merry Christmas & Happy new year
Kenn Thyrsted
'87 200 TQ Avant ( Still looking for THE manual )