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Re: In persuit if the infamous codes the rev counter jumps to 72

> In persuit of the infamous codes, i tried what someone described as the 
> earlier method; ie. activating both throttle switches, and the brake 
> pedal, i discovered that when i has activated both switche> ( Engine 
> still idleing).
> Later i found what matches the description of the FP relay: Big, black and with a fuse-slot on top. It is located at the left of the steering wheel, in the dashboard, right over my left knee. 
> In the fuse slot there was already a fuse mounted :^O
> When i pulled it the fuse (engine at idle) the "ABS OFF" warning light turned on :^(
> Reinserting it turns ABS back on.
> Has any of you wizards any idea on why this is.

Unfortunately, you found not the fuel pump relay, but rather the
ABS combination relay. The FP relay is usually found in the 
fuse/relay panel under the hood (bonnet) of the car.
> I'm still convinced, that this car IS a '87 200 TQAvant though.

I may have missed your first posting; is the vehicle ID number not
available? That should determine the year and model.
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