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'91 200/ '96 S4 Compatibility?

Can anyone offer any advice as to whether suspension and brake
components from a 1996 S4 will bolt into a 1991 200q 20V sedan?

I have a friend that seems to never be satisfied with his cars. He buys
killer brand-new 1997 Porsche 911 Turbo, starts modifying it. Same thing
with his 1996 S4. Thus, he's got the entire suspension and braking
components from the S4 sitting in a big box in his garage, with about
200 miles on them.

I've bought a bone-stock 1991 200 quattro sedan (it was a tough choice;
I wanted the Ur-quattro; the wife wanted a sedan. Guess who
won...<grin>) Anyway, I like the car very much, but if it can be
improved, why not?

What is the compatibility, and what would I gain performance-wise?