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Re: totaled S4??

>Phil & Judy Rose wrote:
>> I recently responded to an EPages ad for a '93 S4 (39K miles) that is
>> offered FS at $28K obo; I asked for more info.
>> The description of the car is puzzling. The seller claims the vehicle had
>> been in a "light front-end collision", but when it was reported that the
>> transmission wouldn't shift and needed to be replaced, the insurance
>> company declared it a total loss.  transmission problem was caused by a
>> "bent shift linkage". So  it has been completely restored
>> it to "original condition".
>I have seen this car and it is exactly what he said it is . I saw the car when
>he got it and the damage was just as he described.
>> Claims to be an Audi master mechanic of 15 yrs
>> experience.
>This is also true I have been using this man since 1989. He is the only one
>that touches my cars.  Master mechanic is an absolute UNDERSTATEMENT.  If only
>he would join the list he would represent an immense resource.  I would go as
>far as to personally vouch for this man.   I know this may be a contradictory
>statement But, He is a Honest Mechanic who has saved me thousands$$$$ over the
Just my$.02 worth.. well maybe more than .$02

> Bob Russell

Another qlister also wrote me to verify the claims for the car (and
mechanic). He added that the transmission replacement was presumably costed
out at $14K!!! Sorta makes me doubly fearful about getting involved with
_any_ '92 or '93 S4 Audis--salvage title or not. But the salvage title
situation makes this car a very questionable choice unless (IMO) about 10K
were knocked off the price. Even then, one would always have to deal with
the "stigma" of a salvage title when resale time came around.

I appreciate your response. BTW, what is the name of the dealership? Also,
am I correct in assuming that this car is being sold privately?


Phil Rose

P.S. Is an S4 transmission really $14K???? Holy shiftknob, Batman! That's
one heapa dough. I heard recently from another qlister that Audi shared the
cost of an S4 tranny with him, and that he paid $3K. I _thought_ the split
was 50/50, so that led to my estimate of $6K for a new tranny. Any other
data points out there?

Phil Rose		Rochester, NY
'89 100			pjrose@servtech.com