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Re: Help : suspension "clang" on UrQ

>I think this is the problem that eric Fluhr's mechanic
>figured out.  It was elongated holes  in the subframe
>bushing mounting holes.  You should be able to get a
>wiggle out of the subframe with it up on a jackstand.
>Also check the top end of the strut for wiggles too.
>The strut bearing at the top is notorious.

This noise also occurs when the steel sleeve breaks loose from the rubber in
the subframe bushings since it'll allow the hole subframe to move
up-and-down by 3/8" or so ... on the positive side, you can shim it up using
a handful of fender washers and significantly improve handling
responsiveness at the expense of NVH.  BTDT in my old 4k until I had some
replacement bushings machined from aluminium...

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