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Re: 86 5ktq questions

> 1.  On slippery roads the tail ends fishes back and forth making driving
> very uncomfortable.  Alignment?  Tires?  I will try both if i must but any
> suggestions.
> I currently run Dunlop D60A2 tires.  As soon as i can find some cheap
> wheels i will run Hakka's and hopefully eliminate this problem.

D60A2s suck on snow and ice and aquaplane when getting low
on tread.  Say no more.

> 2.  When locking center diff it will remain intact for about 5 miles then
> start to flutter in and out of engagement as i hit bumps.  The lights go on
> and off and i can feel the change through the shift knob.  I know it
> operates via vacuum.  maybe a leak?  Why would it work ok for 5 miles then
> go out?

Vacuum check valve or leak somewhere.  Probably happens after you have
been on boost for a while.  My car's climate control flaps will change
after being on boost for a while... I believe the run off the same
vacuum source.

> would like to use synthetic and 5w30 has the best temp ratings for the
> winters here in Wisconsin but I thought 10w30 was to be used on turbos
> which is only rated to 0 degrees F.

Why not use Castrol Syntec which is 5w50?  You are probably OK
with the 5W30 in the winter.

> 5.  I am in need of a shift rod, bushing and shift knuckle(connects to
> tranny).  Dealer price is $125 any ideas where i can get cheaper?  Used an
> option?

Have you asked Linda at Carlsen yet?