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Lambda details

In message <34C457CA.4B90@homenet.ie> rwalsh writes:

> a friend of mine has an Audi Quattro 87/88.he is looking for any info 
> about the "lambda switch" by KJet-tronics. he reckond the car was mde for 
> the US market but sold in Europe and in particular he wants wiring 
> details of tempperature switch or control system or Lambda details.
> the enginecode = MB and chassis nr is WAUZZ85ZJA900386

No, the MB engine was only sold in Europe - although there are a couple in the 
Antipodes and at least one in Japan.  To be even more specific -I've never 
found a left-hand drive one. 

Chassis 85-J-900386 is a _VERY_ early MB.  I think the first one went into 
85-J-900337.  There was never any provision for lambda control on the MB 
engine, although one or two of us are looking into it as a potential cure for 
one or two of the MB's little foibles.  

It's a 1988 car, BTW, and was probably manufactured in March/April of that 
year.  I'd be _VERY_ interested in a photograph of the rear of the engine bay, 
showing the vacuum line plumbing around the wastegate and the back of the inlet 

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club