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re: foggy windows

At 7:33 PM -0500 on 1/25/98, Tony Lum wrote:

> >to go and drain out the one-way short tube(which was blocked with
> >tie-wraps, O-rings, and other wonderful things from my mechanic.)

> As you may have read, I've been repairing my leaking heater core so my
> heater box is out of the car.  After digging out 10 years of accumulated
> leaves and crap out of the bottom of the heater/A/C trough, I discovered a
> fairly large (about 1.5 inch diameter) rubber drain underneath the
> evaporator.  Similiar to other Audi designed drains, this one is molded
> with flaps that are slightly compressed, but let water thru if it falls
> into the cup.  Its reachable only if the heater assembly is removed and you
> jump spread eagled over the left fender and dig underneath the evap core
> outlet ;-)

I found it...that's the one-way tube I'm talking about above.  I found it
tricky, but semi-easy to get to with a dishwasher-drainage hose attached to
a shop-vac.  Had to "manuver" the hose with a screwdriver, while keeping a
shop light from falling out of the space.  Fun.  Being thin has its
advantages :)

I'm talking about how water gets out of the big black box into that main
compartment so that it can then drain out through the one-way pipe.  I
think there are leaves jammed between the floor of the compartment and the
bottom of the black box, keeping water inside the black box.  Dunno.  Could
have just been the mungy leaves and dirt that were causing the fogging;
only time will tell...


Brett Dikeman
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