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RE: transmission problem

I'd say have the tranny fixed and have it paid by the wanker that
screwed the tranny up when doing the clutch!  If I ran a clutch repair
shop and messed up someone's tranny in the process I would certainly
offer to do that!  Frankly though, I can't imagine how someone doing a
clutch job could damage a tranny in some way that would require a
syncronizer replacement ... that was probably just a wear item.  You may
offer the clutch guy a break and let him off for the cost of a used
tranny and the replacement labor.  Don't settle for a situation where
you know that you've got noisy bearings ... you're living on borrowed
time until they go and then you've got to pay to have the tranny pulled
yet again!  It should be possible to get a low mileage tranny for your
car for much less than US$900 ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)

> ----------
> We have an audi 5kcdqt 86 we had the clutch replaced in it.  During
> the
> time they replaced the clutch the mechanic damaged the tranny....so we
> took the tranny to a garage to have it fix.... now this is our
> problem:
> The garage said they can fix it so they put in a new synchronizer and
> reinstalled the tranny.... after that they are saying ( and we hear)
> the
> bearings need to be replaced.
> so they want to take out the transmission again replace all 12
> bearings
> and charge us $2091.00.CND
> or if we leave it like it is (making some noise in 2nd and 4th only)
> then all we have to pay is $900.00.CDN
> Do we really have to change all the bearings?
> Can we cause more damage to the transmission leaving it this way?
> any suggestions? opinion?