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Re: 4kq Audio installation

I use to own a Coupe GT.  I had a '96 Porshe 993 headunit, Kicker
Competition 12" sub, JBL 3 1/2 in front and 6 1/2 in rear deck, along w/an
Alpine 300w amp.  I loved the way the kicker sounded but like your saying,
you have no trunk space to start with.  I was looking for a smaller sub
and found a great sub repacement that you may like.  Its a JL Audio 8" sub
in their JL Audio digitally speced box.  I wouldn't recommend buying the
sub and building the box because you don't always know what it will sound
like.  That's why I recommend this sub in the box.  I sampled it in my car
and it sounded better than my 12" sub.  It had a more balance sound but it
wasn't as loud and distorted a little easier at EXTREME volumes.  I was
going to buy it but then I decieded to sell the car for a 5kq.  I still
plan on buying it a little later.  Space and sound quality are more
important to me now.  The Kicker had great quality and loudness but was
not right for my personal setup.  The JL audio sub in the box runs for
$200 ave. and that pretty reasonable when you hear it.  Oh yeah,  it fits
perfectly on the side of the trunk, which was about 15-20% of the trunk.
  I would also suggest putting a 3" port whole or 2 in your rear deck.  I
put one in my Coupe and it made the bass sound live rather than muffled.
It also kept the rear speakers from distorting from back pressure the sub
gave in the trunk.    

On Sun, 1 Mar 1998, Mark L. Chang wrote:

> Okay, since I'm spending money on getting the Q repaired (87 4kq), I
> thought I'd spend some *more* $$$ on upgrading components of the stereo.
> Just got a new head unit, separates, and rear-fill coaxials, so all's I
> need now is -- subwoofer.
> I don't want low-rider boom, but I do want more "bass" fill.  Nothing
> punchy, just something to fill in the lows.
> My only question is, where the heck do I put the sub?  I'd rather not have
> it in the trunk since a) the trunk is already TINY, and b) I'd hate to
> hear the sub firing through the metal of the rear seat.
> So, to all that have done audio work on a 4kq, where did you put your
> sub(s)?  The rear decklid seems like the only place to do it, with maybe a
> 10" free air sub, which should sound fine.
> Any BTDT's?
> Cheers,
> Mark
> 87 4kcsq ()
>                     [PGP] finger mchang@ece.nwu.edu