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Re: Torque Sensing Differentials - math corrections, conclusions stay

mmmm, have you considered the logic, or are you just making an "out of hand"
dismissal of the torsen case (pot and kettle).  if you have considered the
logic, then i'd like to hear it...

btw, phil is speaking on behalf of a large number of (20-30?) mb (torsen)
ur-quattro owners.  thats a much greater sample size than the "bite" brigade
(none of whom drive a torsen ur-quattro), and who compare the actions of their
non-torsen ur-qauttro's to their torsen-equipped 200's and 5k's (thats apples
and oranges where i come from)...

'95 rs2
'90 ur-q

>Date: Mon, 2 Mar 1998 00:57:06 EST
><<Face it, guys - some or all of your assumptions are wrong......
>Really.  At all speeds, in all weathers, on sudden diesel slicks, power on, 
>power off, braking, sliding.  Believe me, I push the car _often_ and I have 
>_never_ been caught out by it doing anything unexpected.  
>- -- 
> Phil Payne
> UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club>>
>     Neither have I, actually.  But based on the information provided by two
>reliable witnesses (Scott Justasson and Jeff Goggin) who have no vested
>interest in the issue (in other words, they don't make a profit from whether
>it happens or not), plus the information provided on Jeff's web site, it does
>seem quite possible for just such an incident to occur.  There is the

>The fact that you haven't been directly affected by either makes absolutely no
>difference whatsoever as to whether either can, or does, happen.  And neither
>does the rarity of the incidents lessen the fact that they have occured for
>some individuals under some circumstances.
>     I'm afraid your logic for dismissing this out-of-hand is not holding up,
>suggest you regroup.
>     Later.
>     --ml