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4Kq diff lock probs resolved

Several months ago, I inquired about problems with the diff locks on my
son's '84 4Kq not releasing. Conventional wisdom at the time indicated the
problem to be bad transmission and rear diff mounts. Theory being that
since this car has cable actuated locks,  a shifting mount could cause them
to be "out of adjustment." Changing the mounts, though it did need them,
made no appreciable difference. However; when I mounted new Blizzaks in
preparation for the Steamboat event, the problem disappeared. Seems one of
the rear tires, though the same make, model and size, was significantly
more worn and this caused enough binding to prevent the locks from
releasing properly.  I'm sure this is "common knowledge" for many of you.
It does underscore the necessity to use proper tire sizes all around as
this affected both the rear and center diffs.