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S4/S6 20v (AAN) to 016 transmission

Is there any chance the input shaft on the 016 could be modified to work
with the AAN's flywheel and clutch?  I was told the AAN motor I have has
only 15,000 miles on it. I believe it, I pulled the clutch off yesterday
and it looks brand new. It'd be a shame having to spend good money on
another flywheel and clutch.

Also, now that I finally have the motor out of its crate and on the stand,
I want to get some oil to it. Poor thing has been sitting for I don't know
how long so I plan to pull the plugs so I can oil the cyl. walls. I would
also like to get some oil to the bearings. can I pump some in under
pressure through the oil cooler lines? Any suggestions on what to use for a


Bruce Bell
From: The Shadow <TheShadow@ConnectCorp.Net>
To: 'quattro@coimbra.ans.net'
Subject: S4 engine into 5K, YES, but. . .
Date: Friday, November 21, 1997 2:32 AM

Steve Barnes wrote on 20 Nov 97 . . .

"A friend of mine said that an S4 engine from say a '94 or so, would not
fit my '87 5kTQ 5-speed gearbox, and that to drop an S4 engine in this car,
the S4 gearbox would have to come along for the ride."

The S4 engine without its flywheel & clutch will bolt to the 4000 5000 &
200 transmissions!
However, the input shaft of these earlier transmissions is longer than that
of the later S4 S6 S2 & RS2 transmissions.
Therefore, If you must install the S4 type engine use the pilot bearing and
flywheel & clutch pieces from the mid 1989 200 TQ onward, and you can
install it!  (You can also use the earlier flywheel & clutch pieces, but
the newer stuff is lighter & better)
The bigger problem is the intake manifold clearance with the radiator on
the 4000 & ur quattros.

"The Shadow Knows"