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Re: CIS to EFI

> > perform limited modifications without having to replace "chips".
> There is a limited amount of tweaking that can be done, at low cost
> thanks to the QLCC.

As far as I can tell, one will eventually have to replace the "chips"
in the CIS-E system of the later turbo cars when one gets to the
timing tweaks and boost increase. You can opt for several systems on
the list that don't require a computer mod, they work very well, but
at some point I suppose you wanted the computer to be in control as
it was supposed to be, right?

> It is a big change, and not for the casual weekend mechanic.   Its also
> very expensive - like 1500 - 2000 for a complete swap.

A big job for a car that costs about $10,000! But then again, I have
had some faulty parts in my car (Noooo, really?!?!) and have been
quoted $2,500 to have them replaced (the display unit for the auto
check system, believe it or not, the fault was lighting the cause was
a burnt out wire!)

> Any engine with an airflow meter though will probably see decent gains
> with an EFI system that allows removal of said meter.   I've seen that
> happen on a few engines.

Also, wouldn't it be possible to move the air intake to the non-turbo
side of the car, perhaps next to the intercooler on the grill? On my
200t the intake is from a confined space between the headlamp,
intake manifold, turbo and exhaust and bay panel, needless to say it
just sucks hot air. With some proper ducting I suppose one could move
the entire EFI filter housing to the other side of the motor and
run it back to the turbo intake. What do you do for intake on your
car, Graydon? Any special ducting you did to get the coldest air?

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