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Heading Northwest (Doo Wops rally too)

Well, I've decided to accept a position up in Washington which is
requiring me to move from my present location in Reno, Nevada.  My last
day with my present company is this Wednesday, then my dad and I head up
on Thursday sometime (I start work on Monday).  I'm renting an apartment
(which I'm not too keen on doing, but is OK for now) for a few months,
in Redmond, and will most likely be getting another house with my dad,
in the near future.  For this week's move, the S2 will not be coming up,
but will be on the next trip in the next couple of weeks.  It looks like
we may have a place to keep the car and finish building it, at my dad's
new job, but won't know for sure until Friday.  Consequently, I may need
to find an industrial building, if this doesn't work out.  I've heard
that there are some industrial buildings around Kent, but I thought I
would ask those of you in the Northwest, who would know better.  The
silver 4kq may or may not be sold by then, so I'm not sure if I'll be
bringing it or not.

Anyway, my dad and I will be at the Doo Wops III & IV PRO Rally in
Olympia this weekend (the first national of the year)
spectating/helping.  If any listers are going to be there...stop on by.
I'll either be there in a stock red '86 4kq (w/ NV plates) or in my
black Cherokee.  Let me know before Wed. if you'll be there, otherwise
I'll see ya all there.

-mark nelson
mailto:mnelson@brls.com  (for only a couple more days)

PS - as for email, I'm going to see what I can setup in the next couple
of days, so that I don't have to use my new work account for personal
stuff, as I'm not too sure how kosher that would be.