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Re: PN's for European lights fro an 85 4000q

"Perry, Christopher" <cperry@cotl.com> wrote:

>Hey could someone give me the part numbers for both the h4 and h4/h1
>headlight assemblies for an 85 4000q.  Hella and Ceibe(sp?) both would
>be great.

Is that the straight or sloping grill 4K?

Audi part numbers:

Sloping grill single-bulb: 	811 941 029H/ 030H
Sloping grill twin-bulb:	855 941 029B/ 030B

Hella part numbers:

Sloping grill single-bulb: 	1AG 004 580-151/ 161
Sloping grill twin-bulb:	1DJ 004 880-031/ 041
Straight grill single-bulb: 	1AG 003 480-391/ 401

Sorry, this list is incomplete, but it's all the info I have.


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