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Tshift by Porsche....

>in the end, i went around too fast and floored the gas 4 times through the
>corner; on, off, on off, and each time on deceleration, the line would
>the old girl would come into line, and we'd get ready for the next
> i went arond twice like this...
>trg, slip angles, traction, tmax, tmin, tshift...
>no boris, nothing.  the car behaved exactly as expected, in extreme
>using 2 lanes of the public highway, in the wet with 315hp at my right foot
>2nd gear...
>over to the panel.
nice car. "Built by Porsche" has a whole new meaning.  How, one wonders, did
they squash the spider? 

Hey dave, I missed it.  Do you have a rear torsen or a locker?