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2002 - No More Turbos

I seem to recall an article on SAAB's trionic engine management system that
had intake air, to car #1 (some SAAB), coming from the exhaust of another
car, #2, (I think it was another SAAB), the end result is that the emissions
from car #1 ended up cleaner (in many respects) than the exhaust form car
#2. I do however forget it whether car had a turbolader? Anyone remember
what I'm talking about or am I talking out of my gluteus?

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>Wouldn't be so sure about that. Direct injection provides much better
>fuel economy and helps reduce CO and CO2, but NOx emissions actually go
>ballistic. I've read Mitsubishi had to go through lot of efforts to make
>the GDI on the new Carisma conform to German emission regulations and
>the Iridium (sp?) cat designed to do this is said not to last too long.
>Saab is going to offer turbocharged engines _only_ in the near future
>and it's a Swedish company, where enviroment protection is taken very
>seriously. I've also read an article about a car built by Greenpoint
>activists on the Renault Twingo platform. It uses 2 cylinder
>turbocharged engine, achieving nearly 100hp per litre output.
>Aleksander Mierzwa