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Re: XENON, K&N, and shocks

On Tue, 17 Mar 1998, Ckpcnp wrote:

> Blaufergnugen offer's Xenon high candlepower bulbs.
> I know that new European cars offer High intensity Xenon
> headlighting systems. Are these similar?  Do these light up
> purpilish-white?  

>No, Xenon bulbs are just that, bulbs.  They're the same as halogens,
>just a different gas.  Those purple/white fluorescent looking lights
>on late model European  cars are gas discharge lights.  They do not
>use bulbs, and cost $2-3k for an aftermarket install.

I've fitted Xenon bulbs to my '84' UR-q, they are transform the naff 
light output from the standard european .  Before I was using H4 
bulbs of 90/130 watts, but now I'm using standard 55/60w Xenon bulbs 
and I'm impressed.
They appear a very white light as opposed to the yellowish tinge 
compared to halogen.  However they are quite expensive at about 
GBR7.50 to GBR10.00.

84 UR-q
Broke, but quietly happy