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>Scott J, you may well know [or understand] more about CIS v. EFI than
>some of us.  Is that what the question was?
>When the topic came up, you said mods were avail for CIS that [in
>essence] made EFI irrelevant for our cars.  Great.  I asked what the
>mods were.  No answer.  So, I ask the second time.  No answer.  Then
>the thread died.  Now, sounds like the info is for sale, eh?  Well, I
>have never asked for anything to be given to me, so, what do you have,
>how much does it cost, what does it do?

What is the objective Bruce?  Are you out of fuel?  There are a several ways
to tweek CIS.  A couple are:  More fuel at the injector, lower control
pressure, and tweeking lambda values.  All these mods are hardly rocket
science.  The INFO is not for sale, the modification to your car I suppose is.
That would include:  Evaluating your cars current fuel, and adding more to the
'mix' if so needed.  Please do call, I'm in the phone book.

I share enough of my homework here Bruce.  The INFORMATION is available to
you.  You choose to "buy".  Please do.  I certainly would recommend it before
plopping 2grand down for an "I think".  My only suggestion, so posted.  I
don't consider EFI (in essence or any other way) irrelevent.  It's very
relevent if CIS causes you to run out of fuel.  However, I don't see it as
NECESSARY for increasing fuel to the cylinder.  My only point.  

You don't have to BUY the "how".   My ego will pass on the challenge on how I
do it, thanks.  I seem to remember that someone in St. Louis claimed to get
26psi 2nd thru 5th gear, and you posted seeing 1300 degree EGT.  Was that an
EFI system?  What 'CIS mods' did that car have?

Scott Justusson