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Re: Techron: Can I see some ID?

Is Techron being inhaled for a cheap high as a street drug or something?
That might have some significance.  Then again...

Now tell me, have you ever tried to purchase a half ton or so of ammonium
nitrate for use as a fertilizer?  :-)  

This line could lead a life similar to the PC commentary a short while
back.  Let's not go there huh?

>Saturday I tried a different Walmart and they had just four bottles
>left, so I took two of them at the usual price of $5.99.  Then, when I
>try to pay for it, I am suddenly asked for a driver's license with a
>very serious look like if were some kind of criminal getting supplies to
>carry out some dark evil plot plot against mankind.  I asked why they
>needed my license for and the cashier refused to tell me.  After all was
>said an done and the cashier going to talk to the manager, I wasn't
>allowed to take the Techron home without proof that I was not
>Has anyone had similar experiences?  Next thing they'll be asking me for
>ID to buy motor oil or even wiper blades!!  BTW, this was in Dallas, TX.
>Luis Marques
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