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Re: fog lights

>This is something that's getting really annoying in the US.  Most new cars
>come with fog lights...and people drive with them on regardless of the
>conditions.  In the city, in the suburbs, during rush-hour.  What is up
>with that?  On a bright, sunny day, people have 'em on.  On a clear night,
>people have 'em on. Arrghhh.

I drive with 200 watts of properly aimed fogs on every time I drive at
night.  So shoot me.  

I assume you live in a city somewhere.  Cities are almost always brightly
lighted.  City drivers almost don't even need lights on their cars.

I live out in the boondocks (actually out beyond the boondocks) where,
after dark, you can see *nothing* unless you provide the light.  The wider
beam pattern of the fog lights is a significant help in seeing potential
obstacles beside the road - like perhaps a deer stepping toward the road or
the pedestrian walking in the dark and wearing dark clothing or...  

I can agree that use of fog lights on a well lighted highway is not
necessary, but don't assume that everyone with fog lights turned on is an
idiot or miscreant.

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