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Re: K&N mods... the NO2 kicks in

> Or do something silly

I would never do anything silly... wait, yes I would -

How about a K&N in the stock box, inlet hose running to behind grill
(damn that's where the whistler is!) to *another* stock box with
*another* K&N?  One could even put a Y in that hose and run a
cannibalised airbox on each side of the grill.  Yeah, that's it.  No
filter in the stock box, two paper filters behind the grill to
accumulate snow & sleet..

Of course the whole problem here is physics, the undefeatable
relationship between resistance to flow and particle size filtration. 
You can't beat a dead horse, but you can cut a hole in it's side and...
never mind.

> like make a duct from
> the intake of the airbox and run a fat hose all the way to the grill
> (assuming no intercooler) and then make the end bit of the hose a
> huge rectangular bit to take a densely packed paper filter (OE thing)
> that has a much larger surface area.
Huw Powell


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