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Re: tranny plug(ged) yep, still (and "big news")


I give up on trying to remove my stuck tranny fill
plug myself.

I tried the JB Weld thing once again, this time I 
was extra careful with everything.

It gave up right away, only this time instead of 
breaking like dry Play Dough, it cracked like 
hard candy.

So, I'm gonna leave it to some tranny shop or 
something to mess with.

Anyone know of any good Audi mechanics in the 
Phoenix/Mesa/Tempe area of Arizona?

I flew out last Saturday and picked up my apartment.
Big move is this next Sat., so I'll be resubbing 
after I get a new ISP account (and telephone 

Take care,

Ken in CA, soon to be in AZ
(unsubbed, so please email directly, before 
Thurs BTW)