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Radio connections?

While I'm waiting for the check for damages (see: "lucky me . . ."), I have
to put SOMETHING in the car for music.

In my stash of car radio goodies, I found a Mitsubishi J-113 am-fm radio,
model mb903177 - but no wiring information. There are two plugs with wires
sticking out on the back, like this:

Right rear of radio

This is the first plug, five stations in two rows:

Grn/white trace  Orange/no trace     (space)      Yel/red trace   White/red
Blue/white trace   Red/blk trace  Yel/blue trace  White/blue trace   (open)

The second plug is toward the center of the radio, adjacent to the first:

Blk/blue trace    (space)          Blue/grn trace
Blk/red trace    White/blk trace   Grn/red trace

Any ideas here?


Mike Arman