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Jag brakes

Brett Dikeman wrote:
>My brother found a set (several sets, actually) of dual-piston Jaguar front
brakes off >of a Jaguar XL6.  He wants to know if anyone knows anything about
these calipers, >and also if they are retrofittable to Audis (esp. '81-'87
Coupes).  (Yes, I know he is >crazy and there are better options available,
but he has this idea that any part >found in the junkyard is worth doing
something with...)

"Knowing Jaguar's reputation in the field of reliability, I certainly
wouldn't put them in any car."

  For what it's worth (which may be nothing), I have an '83 Volvo turbo wagon
that I had to do a brake job on recently....most impressive brakes I've seen
in a long time.  It's got 4 wheel disc and the fronts are huge, 4 piston
Brembo's (as I recall) with two fluid lines.  I don't know if the base models
had the same brakes, and I doubt they did, but there are plenty of Volvos out
there to be raided for parts, and I don't think anyone could argue against
Volvo or Brembo's reliability.  
Bryan Carter