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Re: Steel plugs in aluminum!

> On the outer nut?  Wouldn't it theoretically come off (the nut) if the 
> plug is tight enough?

Sorry, mental slip, Actually on the inner nut hanging out a bit onto the
outer nut as well (since wrench is thicker than the nuts).

> > If this doesn't work, and you have to drill it out, make sure to put lots
> > of grease on the plug and the drill bit to catch the loose bits of metal.
> Yes!  This is what I'm going to have to do.  Do you think there is enough 
> room in there to do this with the tranny still on the car?  I'd have to 
> get a cordless drill, unless there is a better tool I can use.  How's 
> about some kind of right angle drill?  I don't have a compressed air 
> source, does anyone have any ideas?

Would not have a clue about the clearance... I'm working with a rear diff
sitting on the kitchen floor.

I think someone else mentioned the most important step- cleaning every trace of
road grit, grease, and/or other detritus that's inside the plug's hex insie 
cap. I think most mangling happens due to not seating the tool inside fully
due to the presence of nasty stuff.

Good luck!  -doug q 
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