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Re: Mobil 1, cobram, please read

> Over here, using Mobil 1 in ur-quattros has become something of a fashion
> or article of faith - a dogma.
> I visited the Mobil web site today and found that, implicitly, Mobil
> don't seem to recommend it.  The URL is (literally) too long to post,
> but just follow the Mobil1 chain from the home page.
> There's a product data sheet.  It talks about Mobil1 0W-30, 5W-30 and
> 10W-30 as a group, and discusses 15W-50 separately.
> I quote:
>         "Mobil 1 Formula 15W-50 is especially suitable for
>          high-performance cars, particularly hot-running or
>          heavily-loaded vehicles and special high-tech imports."
> Sounds like us.
> But in the UK channel (certainly around these parts) it seems that
> 15W-50 is unobtainable.  "Mobil 1" means 0W-30.  My local BP garage
> (sole local source) has never _heard_ of 15W-50 and refused to believe
> it exists.

Interesting,  I have it in both the V8 and the Avant..... 

Say, you can't get it in the UK ?  sounds like a business opportunity
for our friend Mr. Cobram :-)  are you listening :-)

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