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Re: Levent Cur slang

Sorry guys, but we have to go back to the people who wrote the language; the

Cur: 2 fig. A surley, ill bred, or cowardly fellow 1590

Its amazing how the language of the 1590s translates to the internet of
today. However, there is a glimmer of hope: Curable means capable of being
cured. So, in my thinking if the promised information is given, we would
cure the WOB slaging off Mr Cur, and he would be cured of being accused of
acting like a cur. Simple really.

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>In message <199810050629.XAA72042@theta2.ben2.ucla.edu> Michael Williams
>> OK, this is mean, but i figure, hey, everyone else is taking their shots.
>> Proposal for new slang:  Pulling a Cur-- When a car guy makes any kind of
>> claim, yet it either makes no sense, or they refuse to back it up without
>> any kind of real info.
>Root of the adjective "cursory"?
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