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Re: 1984 URQ value?

Thanks to those who responded, especially Jim and Joe.

I have searched through the archives, it was a
good dose of reality, a URQ is more than I'm up 
to right now. They seem to have their own set 
of "issues", and it being winter, and the holiday 
season coming up, I won't be able to dedicate the 
necessary time the URQ's seem to demand.  Keeping 
all systems up on the 5KS and getting suckered
errr, volunteering to assist friends with their 
teutonic headaches keeps me busy enough most 

So, if anyone else is interested let me know,
the car is in the Boston area, and I'll forward
any inquiries directly to the owner. As a 
reminder, the car is a 1984 URQ, blown head
gasket, owner asking U$4000.00.



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