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Re: Just bought my Audi!

Decsi Miklos writes:
> >Is there a space that is obviously for a badge?  The early dashes I've
> >seen have no space.
> There is the place and even found the glue...
> In the meantime I tried to search for it on the web and found this pic:
> http://metalab.unc.edu/tkan/audi/auti1/console.jpg
> Well, there isn't any plate here, but my center console differs from this
> one. I have a little "door" between the shifter and the EQ (look on the
> pic). It can be opened up and there is the cigar lighter and the ashtray. On
> ...

That's my 4000 in the photo you mentioned.  I have the very early-style
center console (mine is a 1980 model).  Yours is the 81-84 style, which
looks similar but the top edge protrudes more and that's where the decal
is supposed to go.  Also, as you state, the ash tray area is also different.
The post-85 console is different yet again...

Anyway, I have two other photos that will show you what it should look like.
Try these two URLs:


Sorry about the poor quality but these are scans of reprints of
magazine articles.  At any rate, the photos show the center console
of the 1984 Audi 4000S quattro and note the "Audi 4000S quattro"
decal just below the center vents.  Your Euro model should say
"Audi 80 quattro".

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