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Re: Red Lights, was ENRADD

"Lewis, Gary M" wrote:
> This morning on the way to work I was being followed by a kid (teens, early
> 20's) in a new (98ish) Accord.  You know the type, lowered, big chrome rims,
> HUGE muffler, Vtec stickers all over it.
> BTW, I was doing the speed limit when this happened.  The Accord ended up
> completly over the cross walk.  My first thought was there is never a cop
> when you need one, second thought was he probably would have ticketed me for
> running the red light...

He most likely would've. Sorry to hear about the incident, Gary, but I'd
rather wait for the Accord to slam into me somebody T-bone me which
would've been 100% my fault. Let the moron total his car. I feel zero
compassion for the type you're describing.

The rear bumper on the 44 chassis is probably made out of granite. The
rear bumper of my 200 sustained a '70sh Ford-like battleship thing, a
Corsica which became shorter by about a foot (and lost the lights, the
grill, the radiator, condenser and the hood in the process), and two
small Oriental jobs. The only visible damage was a 15mm DIA x 2mm deep
spherical indentation from the Corsica's "Ovalsportcar" vanity plate
screw. I never even repainted the bumper.

Igor Kessel
Two turbo quattros.