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Chipping Your Engine et al

Read an interesting report on chipping for naturally aspirated motors, for 
those of you with v8s, v6s, and na I5 motors.  October 1999 Car & Driver 
Issue.  While they didn't specifically test Audis, the results were pretty 
much what I have always suspected from my own experience.  Only one chip did 
anything good (and just a little), most did nothing or actually hindered 
performance.  They did this purposely for the na motors, citing the obvious 
boost changes available for turboed cars.  Basic conclusion was:  If your car 
is currently rev-limited by the chip, and you really want to get rid of that 
limit, then a chip may be for you....otherwise, put your money somewhere else 
(v1 maybe?).  I'd have to agree.

-Ingo Rautenberg
90 v8q in limbo
85 4kq